Declaration on private investor status

Declaration on private investor status

With his signature, the customer affirms that he is

a) is a natural person;

b) is not a credit institution or a financial services undertaking;

c) is not subject to any domestic or foreign banking, stock exchange, securities trading or investment supervision;

d) uses the information exclusively for his personal purposes, such as in particular the management of his own assets;

e) does not use the information for commercial purposes, such as commercial securities trading, or the commercial management of third-party assets, or for an activity with a credit institution, a financial services company, or another company that is subject to domestic or foreign banking, stock exchange, securities trading, or investment supervision;

f) does not use the information in any other way for the purposes of third parties, such as the free management of third-party assets or within the framework of a non-commercial investment club;

g) does not pass on the information to third parties and will not provide third parties, in particular those who are not private investors within the meaning of this declaration, with access to the information;

h) to inform Lenz + Partner GmbH immediately if he no longer meets the aforementioned requirements for private investor status.

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